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Tapping into the Steady Rhythm of Life

Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. That seems to be the theme these days. Life feels like a giant race most of the time as we all gallop around at full speed on our horses, often seemingly out of control and overwhelmed, about to crash at any moment, but somehow - somehow we manage to stay on. 

Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. 

That seems to be the theme these days. Life feels like a giant race most of the time as we all gallop around at full speed on our horses, often seemingly out of control and overwhelmed, about to crash at any moment, but somehow – somehow we manage to stay on. 

We manage to keep going, but the effort is exhausting and our form suffers. Our bodies, our minds are tired, and sometimes our spirits just want to be still. One day, you know, you may crash.

How do we find the small, quiet moments, where everything is OK? Where even though we know that sometimes things will be overwhelming, sometimes they may fall apart, sometimes they will be hard – but in the end it’ll all be OK?

Those quiet moments, the spaces in between, like the quiet mornings alone, with music softly playing in the background, and everything feels OK, the heart is at peace. 

How do you tap into those moments where even though sometimes it hurts and your body starts to ache, you suddenly become focused, you’re moving forward, one foot in front of the other, your moving, but this time it’s different. 

This time everything’s OK. For the first time in months, your mind is quiet, your brain stops clanking around; it’s peaceful. It’s calm. It’s leveled out. The great beast has finally become quiet, for the first time in months, and you can think, you can see, and you know that it’s all OK.

How do we find more of these quiet moments, more of these moments where you feel truly YOU?

You realize that many times you wear many hats, many different costumes, but none of them are truly you.

In these moments of focus, of the spaces in between, you suddenly transform into the raw, pure version of yourself, where you are filled with love and compassion and joy and you are resilient, oh so resilient, you know that you can do it, you believe in yourself, and you believe in those around you.

And then you realize that it’s been that way all along, just sometimes we forget, desensitized; like how a fish doesn’t realize that they’ve been swimming in water their whole lives – because it’s all they know, it’s all they’ve ever been surrounded by. But it’s always been there. 

The compassion and love are gushing from your heart and brain and you just keep moving. You just keep moving and running and you’re mind is still thinking but for the first time, your thoughts are clear. Your thoughts are clear and pure and you’ve found that space. That space in between. 

Because through it all, you know it’ll be OK. And you realize it really is all about love. And you realize that you’ve been busying yourself with the insignificant – that you’ve been looking for life to start, when really it’s happening all around you. 

It’s always happening around you. Life is happening when you commute to work every day, get out the pan for the 1,000 time to make your eggs in the morning, when you’re doing laundry and taking care of your child or kissing your partner goodnight again. Or you’re connecting with your friends or family or maybe you’re at home alone and it’s OK. Maybe that’s just what you needed. 

Maybe it’s all OK and it’s always been OK. 

The thoughts quiet in your brain and you fall into the rhythm – the rhythm of life, the rhythm of each little moment, those tiny moments in life where you thought you were waiting for life to happen and then you realized that was life.

It was all life and it was all part of it and you didn’t have to wait anymore, you never had to wait, because it was always happening.

And it was always beautiful in its own sort of way; even the anguish and anger and the sad times.

Even the times when you wanted to rip out your hair and scratch your eyes out – even the times when your heart felt like it was shattered into a million pieces and it could never be put back again.

Even those times, it was happening. Life was happening all around you, it was all happening all around you; it always is. 

And that’s the beauty of it.

You don’t need to wait and you don’t need to hope that it’ll be OK because it’s always happening and it’s always OK – even when it’s not.

Sometimes we do need to change things, and sometimes situations aren’t ideal, but the beauty is that we can always move forward – we can change jobs, move to a new place, mend relationships, or build new ones – there are always so many options and sometimes it’s so simple we can’t even see it.

Each moment is fresh and new, and truly all we have is each moment. The past has happened, the future is yet to come, and in each step, each breath, that moment, we can choose what we want our life to be.

It is all up to us; and it is in these quiet moments that you realize that it’s all OK. In the quiet moments of the morning, of the space between your breath, the space between each footstep, this is where life is happening. This is where life has always been happening. 

Stop. Breathe. Focus. Concentrate. Run. Move. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Hug. Kiss. Stomp. Jump. Explode. Rage. Be Still.

It’s in these quiet moments, the moments in between the storm, that energizing electrifying moment, this is where life is happening. Stop. And you will see. And then you will love. And you can tap into the outpour of love that is available in this world. 

And finally; Stop. Pause. And feel. It’s OK.

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