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Do you want food FREEDOM, too?!

The other day I was sitting at my dining room table having lunch with my dad. I made a soba noodle dish with these delicious Asian meatballs and a spicy sweet sauce. This is one of my new favorite dishes and I know that he loves Asian food so I decided to make it for him. I was sitting there savoring and enjoying the slightly chewy and el dente noodles when all of a sudden it hit me:

I don’t think about food anymore.

Well, I do think about it; I like to find recipes and gather all the ingredients and putter in the kitchen for a whole afternoon creating something delicious, but I don’t think about it all the time. I don’t weigh all my food and obsess about the calories and macros and wonder when the next time I’m going to be able to eat noodles is. I don’t starve myself before a dinner or having someone over so I can make sure I can eat multiple portions and not get fat. I don’t obsess over my next meal because my body is in a constant state of hunger and it’s all I can think about.

I simply just eat the food I feel like eating in whatever moment it happens to be, whether it’s a “meal time” or not, and I stop when I’m full.

This is MINDBLOWING for me. At one point I did not think I was capable of doing this. I truly didn’t. I thought that I would be the person that would always have to be on some kind of diet or restrict myself or have complete control over their food because I had no off-button and I cared about my body too much.

The biggest thing about this is this: I did not think I would ever TRUST myself enough to be able to intuitively eat and know that I was eating just the right thing for me at that moment and at just the right amount. I did not think I’d ever be able to trust myself to be able to make these decisions.

I didn’t trust myself because I felt unsafe in my body and I always have. I blamed my body for it, which made it even worse. I hated how sensitive my body was, I hated that I didn’t have the same kind of body as other girls, and I hated that I loved food so much because it made me “fat.”

There was a point, a turning point, when I decided I was done. I had started doing more embodiment exercises, I decided to get IN there and check out what my body was really about. I got curious.

I started doing more meditation and I started breathwork. The more I got into my body and got curious, what it felt like, what the organs felt like, what my energy levels were like, and actually LISTENING to my body, the more I trusted it. I realized it was smart. Like, REALLY smart. I didn’t need to follow a workout plan because instead, I just listened to my body. I didn’t need a diet plan, because instead, I just listened to what my body needed.

And come to find out, it’s really freakin smart and is on your side. It’s been talking to me this whole time. It gave me signals when I might be in danger, when the right time to move forward on a project or new direction was, when I should get up, go to bed, what kind of workout I needed or maybe I needed a rest day, when a I should stay away from certain people if I got a weird feeling, what kind of car to buy, and many, many more things. It told me a lot of things.

And for the first time in my life, I’ve truly learned how to listen. It didn’t happen overnight – it happened little by little, piece by piece, an integration that took years, and finally, the scales tipped.

This type of transformation can take time (though sometimes it’s fast!), and it is so worth it in the end. I never knew that on the other side of healing was a freedom so sweet – and the beauty of it is, is that this freedom gets more visceral, more palpable, more deep, as the healing continues. 

This freedom and healing is accessible to ALL of us – when you tap into your body and listen. <3

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