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About KateLyn

My name is KateLyn Costa and early in my life I realized that I was sensitive - maybe overly sensitive - and it caused me a lot of anxiety and confusion for many years. I could not figure out how to handle myself in the world with so many feelings and emotions bombarding me at all angles, at all times of the day.

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I grew up in a household of 8; 5 sisters and my two parents. I could feel EVERYTHING and EVERYONE’S emotions, but I didn’t realize that that was what was happening to me.

I was happy and cheerful on the outside, but anxiety-ridden and depressed on the inside. As I got into my teenage years and early 20’s, the anxiety and depression grew and it was harder and harder to ignore it and mask it. I felt like an imposter and it wreaked havoc in my life. It was so overwhelming that during my teenage years I contemplated ending everything – it had gotten that bad. 

Once graduating high school and into my early 20’s I was an anxiety ridden mess; so much so, I don’t remember much of what happened. My mind was buzzing most of the time with thoughts so fast I couldn’t distinguish one from the other. I knew I had to make a change.

And that’s when I discovered therapy, holistic remedies, meditation and breathing, and never looked back. It didn’t happen overnight, but over the years my skills built on each other; I also received a lot of help. I had numerous therapists, read dozens of books, went to yoga classes, had healing sessions, and tried a variety of different modalities to see what would help me with what I was struggling with. I wanted to take control of my emotions and my mind. I felt overwhelmed with my feelings and I wanted to turn those feelings into a superpower instead of a curse.

Fun Fact About Me #1

I taught English for 3 years overseas in Thailand, Japan, China, and Mexico.

Fun Fact About Me #2

I love to cook and eat - trying new things brings me joy, and I love to experience all of it. For me, cooking is my therapy and love language, as well as a creative art form.

I decided to move to Thailand and through daily practice and a meditation retreat in the heart of the jungle, I learned how to still my mind and body and move through my emotions instead of being overwhelmed by them. I learned how to be still. I then got my Hatha Yoga Certification in India and became a certified yoga teacher. I taught Yoga for a little over a year in the United States and then decided to move abroad again. 

I spent a couple years after that in Japan, where I realized that even though I had come far, something that was sitting in the background that I had not gained control of was my eating disorder. It became very clear that I had an eating disorder, something I had not wanted to admit, and I was ready to deal with it.  I knew I had made so much progress, and I was ready to figure out why there was still some part of me that did not feel I was worthy or lovable. 

When I started to pay attention to the things going well in my life and in my favor, my life started to change and blossom. Have you ever noticed how simple something like that can be, but so hard to do at times? 

I contemplated what was missing from my equation – I had done so much healing and personal work, but still felt that I wasn’t quite “there” yet. I realized, after hours of talking, therapy, and looking inwards, that I did not trust myself or follow my intuition because I was not focusing on the goodness of life, I was still focusing on the fear.

I became laser focused on my goals, my anxiety lessened, and I felt I had control over myself and my life in a way I had never felt before. I studied manifesting and focused on the outcomes I wanted, and since that point, I have had so much goodness come into my life, including a husband, being debt-free, squashing anxiety, and starting my own business. 

… And this is what brings me to you.

I wanted to integrate all of my knowledge into a program that would help people put all the parts together just as I had, and do it faster and more efficiently, with a gentle guiding hand. I firmly believe that you, just as I, have always known the answers somewhere deep inside of us; we just needed the support and guidance to get there. 

Fun Fact About Me #3

I am a voracious reader and love to read books that expand my mind and help me feel more empowered.

Mind Revolution Book List

Reading books has changed my life, provided an abundance of inspiration, and completely shifted my mindset.