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It’s not fun living up to others' expectations.

It’s not fun comparing yourself to others.

Sometimes we need someone to help us find that sweet spot where it’s ok to be “ok” with where you are at and love yourself there. And also want more and to dream. How do you do that in a way that doesn’t eat you alive?

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This is a little longer, but please read…

You do not need to be perfect. I repeat, you do not need to be perfect and I don’t want you to be. 

I’ve written a lot about this lately it feels, but maybe it’s coming up because with the shortening of the days and the cold creeping in, I tend to go inwards and it tends to be a time of reflection. I was also just recently called out by my supervisor for having a wall up.

A wall? What, me?! If any of you know me, I am pretty real. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I say what’s on my mind - so everything you get here is real. 

But he was right. I did have a wall up because since this was my internship, I wanted to be perfect. I did not want to be seen as inadequate, say the wrong thing, or look stupid. 

But you know what? 

Being concerned about looking perfect was stopping me from truly showing up as myself. I was still being me, but I had my guard up. I was nervous. I was calculated. 

I don’t want to be that way and I don’t want anyone else to ever feel like they have to be that way. Life is meant to be messy and you’re meant to try things and mess up and then try and mess up again and learn and then do it all over again and that is the most perfectly, beautiful messy way to live life. 

Because life is not a perfect Instagram reel, grid, or highlight story and life isn’t really anything like social media. There are days we are tired and there are tears and disasters and fights and make-ups and love and love making and all the the things that make up life - and you don’t see any of that on Instagram.

So please, please don’t be perfect. I want to see you and I want you to see me. I’m on here because I don’t know a better way to get to as many people as I can, and I’m doing it as authentically as possible. And I will continue showing up, authentically and real and I will continue to peel away those layers. 

I love you. I love you for being here and I thank all of you who show up authentically, who cheer me on and who love me unconditionally. I love you too 🤍

And always remember,
You are loved,
KateLyn 🤍

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💚To practice self-love today, embrace who you are, no matter what you think the world wants you to be-

The world can be a loud place, and it feels as if to be heard, to be brave, successful, noticed - that we must be loud. 

Sometimes, the strongest we can be is when we are quiet. Loving. We smile. We are cultivating within.

I know have struggled with this, and so today I am reminding myself it’s ok just to be me - and sometimes that’s loud and sometimes that’s quiet and that’s ok.

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Original post @wordsofrithvik 

The message is simple yet sometimes seems so hard to achieve. 

You do deserve happiness, hope and healing.

You deserve love. You deserve to love yourself. You deserve to feel content.

Comment a 💓 below if you know you deserve it too!

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I just learned it’s #nationalfailureday and I thought that was pretty cool-

Because I have failed over and over and I get down on myself for it and then realize that WAIT-

This is my life. I am living and learning and I’m going to get up, again and again.

Because it’s your life and it doesn’t have to be perfect and it sure as hell isn’t always easy, but it’s your LIFE and it’s unfolding in front of your eyes just the way it’s supposed to be - heartache and all.

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What does BRAVE mean?

I got a lot of responses. The most common themes were: Being true to yourself. Saying no. Trying new things. 

I agree. What I realized, is everyone is brave because being brave is different for everyone. We all struggle to do something. 

For me? Being brave for me is STAYING PUT.

So many people have told me how brave I am to go travel and live in a country alone and to experience new things.

And I did feel brave. But I also felt weak - because for me, staying in one place and committing to school, getting married, and committing to being a step mom was scary. Especially when that meant I was staying in Maine (at least for a couple years). 

My point is, you are ALL brave - you are all facing something that scares you it just looks different person to person.

So this Sunday, give yourself a little love and pat on the back and know that you are brave and strong and kicking Butt ❤️

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It’s Wednesday and you may be having that feeling (like me), that you haven’t done enough, you May hotel overwhelmed and overworked. You may wonder when these feelings will end. 

You haven’t slept enough, ate well enough, finished enough projects, been nice enough etc etc etc etc etc etc ……….

That inner critic is strong.

Today, take deep breaths. Breathe into that discontent and ask it what it wants. What it needs.

And then, just take it one step at a time. Slow. Down. Feel your body and your heart and just be curious.

If you need some guidance, someone to talk to, someone to hold that space - let me know - I’m always a message away 💙

Original post @anxiety_wellbeing 

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I have a lot of love and gratitude in my heart today - 

This is a picture of me in my element - taking a Sunday to cook and think and write haikus and feel that deep part of me sometimes we have to put on the back burner because life gets so busy.

I love this part of me, though. I used to push her away because she felt vulnerable and I thought there was something wrong with her - but really, she’s what makes me me.

Do you know that part you? 

Sending kindness and love to all of you today - wishing you a day of grace and ease and love 🌷

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Want to stop your spiraling thoughts and anxiety?

These are things I say to myself.

Sometimes in my head and sometimes I yell them.

Try it out - it’s pretty invigorating and really changes your inner vibration.

Let me know how it feels for you! ⬇️

Have a beautiful day!
Much love💜 xoxo

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Repost from @pausebreathwork 

I love how real this is - I think a lot of us feel like a big hot mess wrapped in a blanket and I also think it’s totally normal.

You can simultaneously be kicking butt and be a hot mess and that’s ok - you got this! 💪

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Post from @brianandreas - love his artwork and messages ✨

Do things that make you HAPPY.

Do you do things because you feel like you’re expected to? 

Because that’s the image you think others have of you?

Take some time and sit with yourself - what truly makes you happy?

And do that. 💛

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Hi 👋 

I want to quickly introduce myself and tell you WHY I do what I do. 

But first, let me tell you WHAT I do - My name is KateLyn and I am passionate about helping others find inner peace and joy.

Why do I do this? 

I do this because I am NOT perfect. 

I DO NOT have it all figured out.

I do this because I choose to see the dawn, I choose to see the light.

I do this because I’ve seen pain and heartache, as many of us have, and I’m sharing the ways I’ve gotten through. 

I’m doing this because I believe the world needs more people who share their pains and joys - because we all have both - we all have all of it.

I do this to normalize your fears and your shame so you can clear it and fill it with peace and joy instead.

I am a normal person with a normal life - AND I feel emotions intensely.

I used to think these emotions were my downfall, but now I realize they’re my superpower.

I want to help you find your superpower too 💙

If you want to know more, have questions, or just want to chat - I’m always here, just a message away 💙

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I repost @positivelypresent posts all the time because they’re beautiful and always spot on - 

Remember, YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST! and no one can fault you for that 💚 ESPECIALLY yourself - be kind to yourself and others 💗

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This stopped me in my tracks today:

I was listening to the “It’s not you, it’s your trauma” podcast by Joe Ryan today and he said -

“Not feeling all your emotions is committing a crime on yourself”.

Wow. That’s pretty powerful language. And it’s so so true. 

We are humans. We cannot select our emotions and only feel one or two. We CAN train ourselves to deal with emotions better and in a healthier way, but there are days we feel the darkness and there are days we feel the light - and with both these all the emotions in between and the gray area. All of it. 

We ALL get ALL of it.

Today give yourself permission to FEEL it. Do not feel ashamed that you’re not happy or feel angry or are annoyed at your kids or don’t want to do another damn day at your job cause GUESS WHAT?! 

We’ve ALL felt those things and it’s normal. 

Sometimes, we just need a safe space to let it all out.❤️

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